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2023-24 Football


HRSJ Sports

Holy Redeemer - St. James School Participates in athletics through the Catholic Youth Organization [CYO]. This organization is a prominent sports initiative that focuses on fostering athletic skills, teamwork, and Christian values among young people. Holy Redeemer St. James [HRSJ] school is proud to be a part of this esteemed organization within the San Fernando Region.


As members, our students benefit from a structured and faith-centered sports program, competing with peers from other Catholic institutions in the region, and developing both their physical prowess and spiritual character. Through CYO, HRSJ champions the holistic growth of its students, emphasizing the importance of both physical fitness and moral grounding.


Flag Football

Girls' Volleyball



Boys' Basketball

Girls' Volleyball




Boy's Volleyball


Track and Field


HRSJ Athletics

Please click the links below to view important information regarding the HRSJ Angels Athletics Program.

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The CYO Governing Manual provides the official Policies, Procedures, and Rules for all CYO affiliated sports. only CYO Staff can make final decisions regarding questions and interpretations of the Governing Manual. CLICK HERE to view or download the CYO Governing Manual.


Students and Parents are expected to adhere to and meet the Guidelines and Responsibilities necessary to participate in the athletics program. This includes grades, conduct, behavior, and other important criteria that ensures our athletes have the best possible experience spiritual, academically, and physically.

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The Angels Athletic Program consists of several sports that take place throughout the school year. These sports may include: Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field, Golf, Bowling, and other sports activities throughout the year.

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