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Guidelines & Responsibilites


At Holy Redeemer - St. James Catholic School, our athletic endeavors are more than just games – they're an extension of our values, faith, and commitment to holistic growth. We've crafted comprehensive guidelines to ensure every player, supporter, and parent fully understands their role in making our sports events successful, respectful, and infused with our Catholic ethos. Dive into our Guidelines and Responsibilities Page, and together, let's make every match a testament to discipline, unity, and the spirit of fair play, all under the watchful eye of our Creator."


Student Athletes

The Student Athlete:

  • is expected to attend all scheduled practices unless they have a doctor/dentist appointment, are being picked up early by a parent, or there is an unforeseen emergency.

  • will be allowed to call parent(s) from the office telephone when a practice/game is canceled.

  • may be suspended from the team due to poor effort and/or behavior during practices, games, and/or school.

  • is a representative of the HRSJ community and should act appropriately at all times.

  • may not attend practice/games on day that he/she was absent from school.

  • is responsible for all equipment and uniforms issued.

  • may wear uniforms only during games. Uniforms must be washed after each use.

  • has read the guidelines and promises to abide by them.

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  • are responsible for providing transportation to and from games.

  • understand that athletes who are not picked up after on-campus practice/games will be sent to Stay Care and charged for the service.

  • represent the HRSJ community and should act appropriately at all times.

  • must be supportive and respectful to student athletes, coaches, referees, and other parents both from our school and at other schools.

  • need to communicate to the coach or athletic director about any issues or concerns.

  • are responsible for required sports fees for each activity per athlete. Fees must be paid in full by first game of season.

  • are responsible for school issued uniforms. Uniforms must be returned within a week after the season, athletes must return uniforms to their coaches. Parents will be charged for uniforms that are not returned.


Academic Responsibilities

  • The student must maintain a “C” average and have no “Ds” or “Fs” in core academic subjects: Religion, ELA, Math, Social Studies, Art, and Science.

  • Work Habits and Behavior marks must be at least a “C” in all classes.

  • The student will be given ONE WEEK to show improvement if grade levels are not met.

  • If no improvement is shown after one week according to his/her teachers, the student will be suspended from the team or will be asked to leave the team.

Fall Sports Registration is Open

Fall Sports Registration is now Open and will close on August 30th, 2023

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